Zócalo Magazine

Zócalo Magazine

Zócalo Magazine connects readers to Tucson’s thriving artistic and cultural communities, and features unique individuals, events, and organizations in an independent, hyper-local format. Zocalo is printed locally at Sundance Press and can be found for free at over 350 locations city-wide. Please contact us for a location nearest you (please include your general location.) We also offer paid subscriptions, delivered to your home or office.

TUCSON ARTS AND CULTURE – Zocalo is a hyper-local monthly magazine reflecting the heart and soul of Tucson by way of its arts, culture, entertainment, food, and events. Look for us at over 350 locations city-wide, read our digital magazine, or have Zocalo delivered to your home or office.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/zocalomagazine

Twitter: www.twitter.com/zocalotucson

Instagram: www.instagram.com/85701

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